Introducing why ARCHISENSE, aluminum drainpipes and gutters, is chosen.


Beautiful Straight Lines

Beautiful architectural straight lines are realized by our original drainpipes with no bands and by our original gutters with invisible hanging brackets.

Attractive Design Grabs a Heart

Aluminum products' sharp expression gives an accent to architectural design and grabs a heart.

New Expression for Architectural Design

New expression of architectural design is realized by the texture of the anodic oxide coating of aluminum, which is different from coated article, and the variation of circular and square types.


Not Easily Get Dirty, Resistant to Dirt

Shaped aluminum materials with anodic oxide coating endure ultraviolet degradation and acid rain and have strength, so they keep their beauty for a long time.

Easy Function of Pipe Cleaning

Inspection and cleaning are easy because of using a slide pipe for maintaining buried pipes.


Easy Operation Saves Construction Time

Joint parts are not processed in order to make connecting pipes easy. Joint parts are smoothly connected and firmly fixed without a gap, so less working on a job site reduces construction time.

Heavy Protecting Pipes are Unnecessary and Beautiful Finishing

Pipes are made from aluminum and have enough strength, so start parts of pipes do not need additional heavy protecting pipes.

Welding of Joint Parts is Unnecessary

Joint parts of gutters do not need welding but leaking of rain is prevented by glueing them.


Durable Surface Coating

Anodic oxide coating of shaped aluminum materials prevents corrosion by ultraviolet degradation and acid rain.


Contribute to the Global Environment

Aluminum is easy to recycle so that gutters made from aluminum contribute to the global environment.


Reducing Life-Cycle Cost

Even though material cost is higher than zink products, total cost through construction and maintenance is about equal. Also, our products last for a long time so that their life-cycle cost is much lower.

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