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Always Bringing a Little Excitement to Our Customers and the World.

Originally founded in 1947 as a supplier of building materials, Inoue Shoji is now a manufacturer and distributor of aluminum drainpipes and other products. We also supply concrete and petroleum products. We started making aluminum construction materials in 1977, followed by aluminum drainpipes in 2003. We pioneered the production of aluminum drainpipes in Japan, and still enjoy the largest section of the market today.
We do more than just sell products to clients. Our aim is to provide superlative new products and excellent service through ceaseless innovation, a streamlined management system and the flexibility to adapt quickly to the evolving needs and expectations of the industry. We remain committed to product development and improving technical standards.

Greetings from our president

" Never forget our manufacturing origins "

At Inoue Shoji, this idea is at the heart of all that we do.
Though we started out as a treading house, we are steadily becoming more involved in aluminum manufacturing as a manufacturer.
As a manufacturer, we are committed to supplying products that the market demands.
By supplying the finest quality products, we can create new markets, and this in turn allows us to create new forms of value as a corporation.
We believe that in order to make the finest quality products, we need innovation as well as the technical capacity to turn innovation into reality.
Also, training and developing our staffs’ faculties are the starting point for any and every form of creation.
If we take on new challenges, then we will have opportunities to discover our new forms of value.
The most important thing is to identify and create the necessity of ourselves. As a trading firm and as a manufacturer, we are creating the next future as a creator.

Shigeru Inoue
President (CEO)

About us

Our philosophy as a manufacturer

“Challenging spirit” DNA that inherits the innovation

As a manufacturer of aluminum construction materials, we are committed to “maintaining a consistent supply of products sought by the customers.” To this end, we strive to utilize advanced technology and expertise to develop products that transcend conventional expectations and open up new markets. All our employees are united in their dedication to supplying products that meet the needs of our clients through the design and development of innovative production technology.

To provide safety and quality

Delivering only products that pass our stringent safety and quality tests

"Reliability" is easy to say, but harder to do. However from the clients' perspectives, "reliability" is everything. At Inoue Shoji, as an aluminum specialist, we insist on the most exacting safety and quality standards for all our products. We are constantly refining and improving our technology in humble attitude so that we can have full confidence in our products. Also, we are going to work harder for environmentally friendly manufacturing.

ISO Certificate


INOUE SHOJI Co., Ltd. has acquired the international standard "ISO9001" for quality management systems in October 2022.

Corporate data

Company name Inoue Shoji Co., Ltd.
Location 2-1-6 Hinode, Fukui city, Fukui prefecture 910-0859
TEL +81-776-76-2580
Founded June 1947
Company established January 1949
Capitalization ¥100,000,000 (equity ratio 73%)
Turnover FY2020: ¥11,885 million
FY2019: ¥12,285 million
FY2018: ¥11,670 million
President Shigeru Inoue (CEO)
Main business Manufacturing and supplying aluminum construction materials.
Supplying petroleum products.
Manufacturing and supplying cement products.
Supplying electrical equipment and accessories.
Supplying other construction materials.

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