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Expansion series provides flexibility
during an earthquake.

Expansion Joint Covers are ideal for evacuation routes because they help to keep the floor flat during an emergency. The improved expansion range of the joints is designed to accommodate building damage and obstacles. Based on universal design principles with reduced impact on people and the environment, it provides better esthetics, fire resistance and productivity.


High-strength bracket fitting

Floor gaps

The gaps in the floor are no wider than 5 mm to prevent the wheels of a pram or the tip of a high-heeled shoe or cane from getting caught.

Floor height differentials

To prevent height differentials between the floor and the expansion, floor height differentials are designed to be no greater than 3 mm and height differentials in construction are no greater than 5 mm.

Floor finishes

Flooring is available as SUS non-slip panels or long sheets.


ZAM is steel sheeting with soluble corrosion-resistant plating. It is easy to install, offers excellent corrosion resistance, and provides durability and longevity to minimize resource consumption.

Non-slip rib

The metal strips visible at floor level are as thin as possible to enhance the look of the floor, and feature non-slip ribs to prevent accidents, especially when the floor is wet.

Expansion series line-up

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Products line-up

  • Floor

  • Internal wall

  • Ceiling

  • Exterior wall

  • Roof

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