ARCHI SENSE enhances buildings
with a new type of beauty.

Drainpipes are traditionally treated as functional additions. ArchiSense is an all-new aluminum drainpipe product that takes the humble drainpipe to a whole new level by adding genuine esthetic value. ArchiSense creates clean vertical and horizontal lines that capitalize on the inherent beauty of aluminum to enhance and accentuate the building exterior.
ArchiSense adds a new form of beauty to any building.

The inherent beauty of aluminum

ARCHI SENSE drainpipes feature a textured hairline finish that accentuates the straight lines of the building. Feature a textured hairline finish that accentuates the straight lines of the building. Unlike conventional drainpipes that have a heavy look and do not blend in with the overall esthetic, ARCHI SENSE drainpipes can be considered an integral part of the building design, adding clean lines that accentuate and enhance the external appearance.

Beauty comes from attention to detail

Beauty is the product of attention to detail. What makes a building appear attractive is the materials from which it is made. Thus it is important for the drainpipes to have their own esthetic appeal. The look of the drainpipe is largely determined by the materials and the finish. With finishing using "integrated pipe expansion and shrink forming" and "welding method", ARCH SENSE creates clean and unbroken lines. This level of attention to detail produces a new type of beauty with the potential to revolutionize the look of a building.

Durable and long-lasting beauty

Beauty should not be fleeting; it should be long-lasting. A building is expected to have a much longer life than other industrial products. In the same way, drainpipes should be built for durability. ARCHI SENSE is made from aluminum materials, which exhibit minimal deterioration over time and has minimal ongoing maintenance requirements. ARCHI SENSE also features weather-resistant internal and external coating especially suited to the needs of drainpipes. Internal coating uses environmentally-freiendly aqueous two-pack epoxy resin to reduce the environmental burden.

Functionality of "aluminum drainpipes"

In order to express true beauty, the product itself must be functional as well as effective. ARCHI SENSE is made from aluminum materials, which offer considerable strength per unit weight and is used extensively in industrial products such as aircrafts, ships and automobiles. Drainpipes made from strong yet lightweight aluminum help to reduce the weight load on the building and are also much easier to install and use. Also, using band-less type keeps drainpipes' beauty. In this way, the inherent functionality of ARCHI SENSE helps to enhance the overall esthetic appeal of the building.

Strength - needed for drainpipes

ArchiSense is an all-new drainpipe product that combines lightness and strength. It is made from aluminum, a material that exhibits excellent strength relative to its weight. ArchiSense is twice as strong as conventional steel drainpipe per unit weight, and delivers the same strength as stainless steel drainpipe with half the wall thickness. Strong yet lightweight aluminum drainpipes significantly reduce the workload on workers, thereby achieving a spectacular improvement in construction efficiency.

Excellent Workability

ARCHI SENSE is lightweight and this helps to reduce the workload on workers. In addition, ARCHI SENSE employs an innovative mounting system that does not use conventional bands. This system allows far more flexibility in the installation process. ARCHI SENSE drainpipes are equipped with a hidden rail at the rear that accommodates the mounting brackets. It is easy to adjust the mounting positions as required, and the absence of bands gives the drainpipes a cleaner look. High-strength brackets are available for high-rise buildings. Brackets of steel-reinforced concrete buildings have maximum 4,000 mm spacing and allowable 150 kgf load per a bracket so that their safety is guaranteed.

ARCHI SENSE products line-up

Aluminum drainpipes

Aluminum drainpipes provide clean, straight lines that enhance and accentuate the building design.

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Aluminum gutters

Aluminum gutters provide clean lines that enhance and accentuate the building design.

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